dancer with motion-sensitive illuminated costume

This performance by the Mary Miller Dance Company is choreographed using motion-sensitive illuminated costumes. The five costumes and one cape are unique: each emit different colors, incorporate light-transmitting optical fibers onto a different part of the body, and respond individually to motion. The visual effect combines the choreography, the algorithmic modulation of the light, and the free-flowing effect of the loosely attached optical fibers trailing around the dancers’ bodies.

Two works were choreographed, “Light Dances” using five costumes, and “Graceful Light in Weightless Darkness” using the cape.

The costume electronics and software were developed by Garth Zeglin and incorporate a microprocessor, accelerometer, battery, and LED array. Mary Miller choreographed the works, Venise St. Pierre incorporated the electronics and fiber optics into dance costumes, and Adam Leong designed the stage lighting. The work was performed in Pittsburgh April 12 and 13, 2002 at the Kelly Strayhorn Performing Arts Center, and February 12, 2003 at the Byham Theater.