Oracular Eye installation woman receiving her message from the Oracular Eye

photo credit: Michael Robinson

‘Oracular Eye’ is a talking mirror installation. One by one, visitors approach to be regarded by the eye, which then delivers a pronouncement. Every utterance is personalized, and may be either a resolution for the new year, a question, or a thought to ponder. After the mirror has spoken, it becomes silent again until the next visitor approaches.

The hemispherical mirror confronts each visitor with his or her own reflection seen in a distorted view of the entire space. The shape ensures the mirror is inescapable, the viewer will always be reflected in the dome.

The elements of the pronouncements are based on personal experiences gathered from interviews and questionnaires. The unique combination for each visitor is intended to be slightly whimsical, but based on real truths.

The work was performed as part of First Night Pittsburgh on December 31, 2006. Special thanks: Amanda Robinson and Michael Robinson.